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PostSubject: Jackie   Jackie Icon_minitime21st June 2018, 17:30

Name: Jackie

Age: 18
Birthplace: Northern Polemos
Gender: Female

Appearance: Jackie is about 5’4 feet tall and weighs about 125 pounds. Her hair is purple and short only reaching the top of her neck, her eyes are green and has pale white skin. Jackie wears a purple sweater with a black tank top underneath the sweater, a pair of black jeans, black and purple shoes, two purple belts one for her notepad and pen and the other for her jeans and a black necklace.

History:  Jackie was born in a family of six that includes her and was born the youngest of her siblings consisting of 2 twin brothers (Nate and Xander) and 1 sister (Nim the oldest). Jackie was very educated in war tactics and knew how to defend herself. when the war had broken out among the Notte and Giorno Houses, she became and a traveling war reporter preferring to stay on the sidelines for right now and try and get on whatever info she can on the war between the two houses.
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